individual counselling

individual therapy

when you are willing to seek counselling you are joining millions of courageous individuals worldwide who, like you, have decided there must be another way out of suffering, pain, anxiety, anger, depression and fear.


often and brilliantly, we learned to cope, until faced with the last drop: sudden decline in health, broken relationships, traumatic events, loss, death of loves ones ...

... individual client-centered therapy is a professional collaboration between you and me, your counselor. My gift to you is a place of safety, stillness, and unconditional positive regard. Together we create a space for your highest and best interest, to learn, develop and invite your truth.

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you are the expert of your heart journey and

I welcome your story to unfold

during a session,

together we ...

- identify your priorities and build a plan to feel better;

- find the roadblocks that seem to be in the way;

- learn and apply therapeutic evidence-based methods to invite transformation and growth;

- practice applying strategies and insights;

- celebrate the joys found in aligning with your path, and with your Self.



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