Counselling & Psychotherapy

Group Workshops & Classes

Healing Energy Work

For individuals

when you are willing to seek counselling you are joining millions of courageous individuals worldwide who, like you, have decided there must be another way out of suffering, pain, anxiety, anger, depression and fear.

... individual client-centered therapy is a professional collaboration. My gift to you is a place of safety, stillness, and unconditional positive regard. Together we create a space for your highest and best interest. What's important to you is most important to me.

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For relationships

do you and your person - spouse, partner, friend, adult child, or other -  have a broken relationship? Do you both suffer, hurt each other and dream of having a conflict free relationship? When you are both ready to be in this together, this is for you.

... relationship counselling is not just for couples anymore. Let us work together at deconstructing limiting beliefs, assumptions and socially constructed biases that limit your growth. Now is a great time for us to join together, wake up our shared potential and responsibilities. 

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For spirituality

spiritual counselling is about looking at your seeking impulses and desires to know your self ... a kind of "meaning of life" thing. Greater intelligence, and discernment, calm and clarity are some potential results of engaging in this type of counselling, some describe it as a feeling of coming home.

...if you feel curious and willing to explore the world at cause, be ready to see the effects of this practice ripple through all you think you are and all you think there is. Explore awareness, and reality as energy and information for the mind-body-spirit complex.