knowing the joy of safety

love & connection

Our mission is to be of service. We believe in you, and your ability to know the joy of safety, love, and connection. We believe in your body's ability to feel good and to decide what feels good. Your health, your decision.


With evidence-based therapeutic methods, we provide you with support, tools, and experiences to enhance your relationship with yourself, others, and the world.

You are a whole energetic system organized to keep you safe and to live freely in joy.

The space I offer you is non-judgemental, ever-present and unconditional.
With presence, my goal is to honor your journey and experiences

so that you may find a sense of peace and home within.

Your health, your decision

Feeling confused, unsure, angry, frustrated or dependent on what others think?

Noticing the effects of over-thinking on your health?


Counselling services and psychotherapy can help with re-gaining of sense of agency in your own life. This means knowing confidence, feeling certain and recognizing your ability to make decisions.

Individual counselling

Counselling services are for adult individuals who are looking to feel better about and for themselves, others and life in general.

Common reasons for seeking counselling services and psychotherapy may be having experienced big and little traumatic life events, historical or recent abuse, feeling alone or hopeless or struggling with addictions, anxiety, depression, stress, pervasive fears, grief or ongoing hurtful family dynamics.

At times, life transitions and unexpected events can become extremely challenging. The therapeutic relationship can also be helpful in circumstances of having received a new medical diagnosis, as well as coping with chronic illness, or changes in relationships.

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What to expect in a session?

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For complete well-being to exist in the body in the mind and in your social environment, together we get to explore your experiences while finding new meaning and connections. Together we will :

  • Identify your priorities for feeling better

  • Find the roadblocks that seem to be in the way

  • Welcome difficult situations in a safe space

  • Apply transformation and growth with evidence-based therapy

  • Recognize practices for health and inner peace

We provide non-emergency counselling services.

For immediate services and help, please know to call emergency or crisis services near to you.

Approaches and philosophy

When working together, I pay close attention to your language, feelings or sensations in the body.

I might ask you to describe your discomfort and assist you in being present with it. I rely on the principle that everything is energy and connected in our sameness all our learning occurs in relationship, including the therapeutic relationship. We are both teachers and students, always. Approaches and philosophy include:

Brief Solution Focused Therapy

Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)


​Body Mind Connection

Good nature of the human experience


Positive Psychology


A Course in Miracles​