Chloé J.

My mission is to be of service, and bring light to suffering in this world. I believe YOU and IN YOU. Specifically, I believe your ability to know safety, love, and connection, no matter what has happened in your life. Likewise, I believe in your FULL ABILITY to feel good in every way. Take a look at my practice philosophy to know more.

Growing up, I felt a deep sense that most people had no idea how to be with each other, at least the people closest to me. I felt the pain of anger, judgments and silence. I had no idea how to move through it. I closed off with the resting thought ... What would it be like if we could all simply be with each other so naturally, like the trees to the air and water? Finding my voice took some time, courage, and help.

In my early 20s, one major traumatic event became the catalyst I longed for. At the time, all my desires for life became still. Like for many survivors, everything I knew about myself felt false. I was confused, and hurt... and hurt people, hurt people. And so, this suffering turned to shame and loneliness.

After some seeking, divine help and plain hard work, I experienced progressively what can be called post-traumatic growth. With consistent practice, I let love in. Not the one you may imagine, but the one which comes from the True Nature of things, God or the One Infinite Creator. I came to know and remember myself to be made of light and worthy of love and connection. I am a mom, a wife to be and "lover of reality". I borrow this term from Byron Katie, a woman whose work gifted me freedom. She says reality is always more kind than our thinking. I know that's true. For a deeper dive into some of my turnarounds and "awakenings" I invite you to experience my blog on this site.


Today, my practice is a culmination of what I learned formally and personally. Like me, my practice is always growing. In our counselling relationship, you are also my teacher. It's an honour for me to hold space for your safety and growth with stillness and unconditional positive regard. I like to say that I am here to offer you a renewed experience of yourself, others and the world. Read on to find a brief description of my professional qualifications and partnerships.


With light,  Chloé J.


Professional Qualifications

Registered Social Worker, RSW

Bachelor's degree in Social Work, BSW

Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Health, MA

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