in stillness you may know that you have what you need
until then you may know that what you need has you ...

Chloé J.

Professional Overview


I received my Bachelor's degree in Social Work in 2011, and my Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Health in 2018. I am registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (#826600), the Ontario Association for Social Workers. I hold a membership with the Canadian Positive Psychology Association.


I am engaged in my continuing education, practice supervision, and on-going professional development. My path is to be of service and to provide evidence-based information and therapeutic interventions for your health and inner peace. My work is also guided by the principles of spiritual psychotherapy of A Course in Miracles (Foundation for Inner Peace).


I provide free tools, online resources, and session reflexions to clients to support healing and practices for transformation. The tools I share I have also had success implementing in my own life.

Training completed :

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Professional Skills Lvl 1 (ACEP, 2019)

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (LivingWorks, 2016)

  • 21st Century Tools for Transforming Trauma (Schwarz, 2015)

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHCC, 2012)

Specialized training and classrooms completed :

  • CF-L1 Trainer (CrossFit, 2019)

  • Unity Field Healing (Ryan, 2019)

  • Specialist Knowledge Translation Training Course (Barwick, 2019)

  • Mastering Alchemy Lvl 1 (Self, 2018)

Ongoing training

  • Thought Feild Therapy (TFT) (Winter 2020)

Upcoming training

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Professional Skills Lvl 2 (March 2020)

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